2015-07-09_154303In my opinion the color mint has returned to our lives to stay, I say that it has become because I remember when I was little in the House of my village there was a sideboard in that color which for several decades was avant-garde trend. This so adorable tone was forgotten a few years, but has now returned with stronger that ever, at least I don’t think back to renounce it.

The material and the local are specially designed to simplify the cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel is the material of reference for devices such as unalterable liners tiles of the floor and walls that allow you to shoot a jet of water directly.

The conception of the machines and production methods tend to reduce the direct contact of the workers with food preparations, either imposing the bearing of gloves, masks, clothing and hat simply avoiding touching the controls of devices with the hands: an example is the water faucets that are activated with the foot. Locals are becoming more isolated from the outside with windows and insulated doors and the use of air conditioning can reduce the risk of introduction of germs.

The kitchen, as a distinct space, appeared in the 5th century BC, while retaining a distinctly religious: own home where were cooked all the food was also used as a place of worship to the gods lares Roman galleys were well equipped, laundry, oven pan, cistern, bronze tripods, having cavities for chopping spices, etc.

Already in the middle ages, kitchens in castles became an important place, daily activity was constant. They were huge living areas with huge fireplaces, in every kitchen could be found a number of them. They were divided into numerous annexes (bakery, greengrocer, etc.). On the contrary, in bourgeois houses and farms the kitchen used to be a common cockpit for the reception of people as well as for the realization of food and its subsequent consumption.…

Italian design for in house kitchen Decor

2015-07-09_154146Today I was going to write about wonderful kitchens FORLADY. But a small detail that I deny in categorical.

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In a House, the kitchen is the place where different foods are prepared. According to the era and culture, its size and relevance are variable, and can be from a room reduced and separated from the rest of the dwelling that only is used for cooking, by contrast, be a wide space that also serves as family socialization and is the main room of the House.

Obligations of hygiene and food safety that weigh on the industry have contributed to check and study, so there are no crosses, inputs and outputs. So to avoid possible contamination between raw materials entering, wastes coming out, the food in course of preparation and the already finished.…