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Italian design for in house kitchen Decor

Today I was going to write about wonderful kitchens FORLADY. But a small detail that I deny in categorical. With this blog, from the study of kitchens CJR want to share with you our passion and innovations for interior design, design, art, music, travel, fashion and different kitchen worktops and the small pleasures that make everyday life easier, you are invited to our small personal space. See the collection at! In a House, the kitchen is the place where different foods are prepared. According to the era and culture, its size and relevance are variable, and can be from a room reduced and separated from the rest of the dwelling that only is used for cooking, by contrast, be a wide space that also serves as family socialization and is the main room of the House. Obligations of hygiene and food safety that weigh on the industry have contributed to check and study, so there are no crosses, inputs and outputs. So to avoid possible contamination between raw materials entering, wastes coming out, the food in course of preparation and the already...

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